Protocol Analyser, Simulator & Conformance Test System

Product overview

The PDS Clarinet test system is a well respected and established solution for a wide range of protocol analysis, simulation and development applications. This system has been updated and re-launched under a new product name 'Zumara'.

Zumara Software

Zumara software contains all the features and functionality of our traditional Clarinet software but enables the use of a PC NIC or LAN adapter(s) for VoIP protocol analysis and simulation. Zumara fully supports connection of Clarinet E1/T1 and S-T/U hardware interface pods which connect to your PC host via USB.

Specific Protocol Applications:-

VoIP (H.323 & SIP, SIPi, SIPt)
V5.1 & V5.2

Clarinet Hardware

E1/T1 Interface Pod
S/T-U Interface Pod

Up to seven Clarinet interface pods may be connected to any suitable PC host, via USB

Product Image

Product features...

  • Cost effective, established and reliable test system.
  • Extremely versatile solution for a wide variety of protocol test applications over several different interfaces.
  • Zumara software uses the PC NIC or LAN adapter to simulate up to seven endpoints.
  • E1/T1 and S/T-U Clarinet Interface Pods 'hot Connect' to any suitable PC host via USB.
  • Manual or fully automatic operation.
  • Optional conformance test software.
  • Numerous protocols supported as standard.

Learn more about using Zumara for VoIP protocol analysis, simulation & QOS testing.

SCTP support will be released in Q1 2008 for new and evolving VoIP applications. Find out more.

Monitoring Features

  • Real-time full decode of numerous protocols.
  • Event time stamping to within 1mS.
  • Filtering of each layer with selectable detail and display colours.
  • Full ASN1 decode
  • Automatic recording of all or selected events.
  • Analyse unusual protocol combinations.
  • User selectable statistics filters and displays.

Simulation Features

  • Manual or automatic simulation of multiple calls with independent message & field content.
  • Simulation of multiple protocols in parallel.
  • ASN.1 and text message editors are provided for VoIP applications.
  • LAN endpoints each have their own unique MAC and IP address with the ability to call 50 different IP addresses.
  • Calls generated may be repeated up to 1 million times with user programmable start delay, duration and inter-call delay.
  • PESQ quality measurement with PESQ score and MOS score is available as an option.

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