Clarinet S-T/U Interface Pod


For applications involving the development and testing of ISDN basic rate terminal equipment or network ports, the 2002 USB S-T/U pod is the ideal choice.

The S-T Bus has two bridged RJ45 connectors providing one I.430 interface. The U interface has two RJ45 connectors (one dedicated ‘to NT’ and one dedicated ‘to LT’) providing one G.961 (2B1Q encoding) interface.

The pod has a built-in Bit Error Rate tester, codec (m Law or A Law selectable), digital port and handset port (handset supplied). Power for the pod is taken from the USB port so external power adapters are not required.

System Software

Customers may select to purchase our traditional Run-Time software or new Zumara software. New Zumara software includes the added advantage of support for the host PC NIC or external LAN adapters, for VoIP analysis & simulation.

Both software packages are fully compatible with Clarinet S/T-U & E1/T1 hardware interface pods. Any combination of up to seven S/T-U, E1/T1 or LAN interfaces may be connected & controlled simultaneously.

For those customers focused on S/T-U or E1/T1 applications, who do not require Ethernet connectivity now or in the future, our Run-Time software may be preferred.

Product Image

Product features...

  • Interface: Switchable S0/U.
  • Dimensions: 138mm [5.43"] x 48mm [1.89"] x 192mm [7.56"].
  • Weight: 709g [25oz].
S0/U The pod features a switchable S0/U interface.
IP, X.25, FR Data may be generated in a B channel together with BERT, loop, handset and DTMF sources.
Many Protocols Supported Most European protocol variants plus USA variants are supported.
Call Simulation Up to 32 independent calls can be generated automatically or manually by each test profile.
Statistics Statistics filters provide detailed performance analysis.
'Hot Connect' Power and connection to the PC host are provided via USB for maximum convenience.
Conformance Test A wide range of TTCN network and user conformance tests are available based on ETSI scripts.


If you need a reliable low cost ISDN basic rate call simulator and protocol analyser for development or field applications, the Clarinet 2002 pod makes an excellent choice. With simple configuration and reliable operation, the system is a pleasure to use.

Part Number Product Description
2002 Clarinet S-T/U Interface Pod.

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