Clarinet Remote Control

The Clarinet microprocessor controlled interface pods supporting ISDN BRI S-T/U, E1/T1 and LAN connect to any suitable PC host via USB. If your application demands highly accurate timing, delay and quality measurements it is preferable that each pod be directly connected, however if the application would benefit from remote control of one or more Clarinet interface pods, this too is now possible using an AnywhereUSB hub from Digi International (formerly Inside Out Networks).

The AnywhereUSB product has five USB ports and one LAN port with a unique user configurable IP address and subnet. It is possible to connect the Clarinet PC host via it’s own NIC to a LAN, this PC host can then connect to the IP address of the AnywhereUSB hub and will find the Clarinet interface pods as if they were connected locally. This opens up many new applications for remote control of Clarinet units via a LAN or via the Internet which many customers will find very useful.

Product Image

Product features...

  • Connect & control Clarinet pods remotely.
  • 5 USB ports.
  • Configurable IP address & subnet.