SS#7 Applications

Both Clarinet Run-Time & new Zumara software, support simulation and analysis on two time slots per E1/T1 link.

If only one signalling channel is required, this first channel may be selected in the range of 1 to 31 (default = 16). The other time slot may be used to carry speech, DTMF tones or a bit error rate test. Alternatively, two signalling channels may be specified and the second channel may also be selected in the range of 1 to 31 (default = 1).

Each SS#7 template profile is pre-configured with a ‘typical’ content but allows the user to edit and independently configure the message content for up to 50 communications.

Calls may be launched manually or automatically and repeated up to one million times with a user selected duration and inter-call delay. Access to important timer values is provided together with the ability to specify any required call release message.

Passively monitor or act as one or two signalling points. Miscellaneous SS#7 messages may be launched manually during simulation.

System Software

Customers may select to purchase our traditional Run-Time software or new Zumara software. New Zumara software includes the added advantage of support for the host PC NIC or external LAN adapters, for VoIP analysis & simulation.

Both software packages are fully compatible with Clarinet E1/T1 & S/T-U hardware interface pods. Any combination of up to seven E1/T1, S/T-U or LAN interfaces may be connected & controlled simultaneously.

For those customers focused on E1/T1 or S/T-U applications, who do not require Ethernet connectivity now or in the future, our Run-Time software may be preferred.

SS#7 Features

  • Up to 50 calls may be launched and repeated up to one million times.
  • May be configured for passive analysis or signalling link simulation (maximum 2 signalling channels per link).
  • Full analysis of the SS#7 protocol stack with user defined detail and attributes.
  • Real-time user menu provided for blocking and unblocking circuits, plus generation and release of calls.
  • May be configured with one signalling channel and one timeslot for a range of speech or data sources.
  • ITU and ISUP SS#7 is supported plus some National Variants.
  • Optional TTCN conformance test suites are available for INAP, ISUP (V2 & V3), MTP2, SCPP and TCAP.

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