Clarinet - V5 Applications

Up to four Clarinet model 2001 E1/T1 interface pods may be connected to a single PC host with Run-Time or new Zumara software for simulation of the V5.1 or V5.2 protocol. If simulating V5.2, this allows simulation of protection control (PC), bearer channel control (BCC) and link control (LC) using a maximum of four links.

Up to 32 ISDN calls per interface may be generated automatically or manually with any required information element content. It is also possible to generate up to 100 analog (PSTN) calls.

The V5 protocol specification is open to interpretation regarding the start-up procedure, therefore our Clarinet template profiles allow the user to configure start-up as required to communicate with the device under test.

Access to all important timer values at layer 2 and layer 3, plus message content at layer 3 is provided for test and development purposes.

System Software

Customers may select to purchase our traditional Run-Time software or new Zumara software. New Zumara software includes the added advantage of support for the host PC NIC or external LAN adapters, for VoIP analysis & simulation.

Both software packages are fully compatible with Clarinet E1/T1 & S/T-U hardware interface pods. Any combination of up to seven E1/T1, S/T-U or LAN interfaces may be connected & controlled simultaneously.

For those customers focused on E1/T1 or S/T-U applications, who do not require Ethernet connectivity now or in the future, our Run-Time software may be preferred.

V5 Features

  • Full support of the V5.1 and V5.2 protocols (Edition 1 & 2).
  • Protection control, bearer channel control and link control supported for V5.2.
  • Up to four E1/T1 Clarinet pods may be connected to simulate four V5.2 links.
  • AN or LE simulation is possible plus passive monitor.
  • V5 start-up editor simplifies interoperability with the unit under test.
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 parameter editor is provided for timers and values.
  • Analog and ISDN call parameter editors.
  • Optional TTCN conformance test suites are available for V5.1 and V5.2.edition 1 and 2.

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