Freelink Demo

2 Port Analog Exchange Simulator


Freelink Demo can be used to connect any dial up devices such as modems, telephones or fax machines just as if they were connected to the real PSTN network. Operation is fully automatic, the Freelink Demo detects the first device coming "off-hook" and supplies it with dial tone for about 5 seconds during which it may dial any number, either pulse or tone.

The other port then rings automatically until it is answered. The devices are then connected for speech or data until they ring off and the Freelink Demo resets itself. The optional audio socket provides an "off-hook" switch and a standard audio socket for connection to hi-fi or other recording and playback systems.

Analog simulator 2 ports Freelink

Product features...

  • Simulates 2 analog lines.
  • Ideal for training, demonstration, development, maintenance or production test applications.
  • Pulse or tone dialling supported.
  • BT or RJ11 phone sockets.

Features and Specifications

Number of Lines : 2
Versions Available : UK : 230v UK mains, double ring pattern, British phone sockets.
European: 230v Euro 2 pin mains, single ring, RJ11 phone sockets.
US: 110v US 2 pin mains, single ring, RJ11 phone sockets.
Size : 130mm (5") x 65mm x 30mm
PSU : 70mm (2.7") x 60mm x 50mm + pins
Power : 230v or 110v, 50/60Hz, 6 watts
Phone Sockets : 2 x BT or RJ11
Line Voltage : 12 Volts DC approx
Ring Pattern : UK 0.4 0.2 0.4, 2s or 1, 4s
Ring Frequency : 50/60Hz as power
Ring Voltage : 80 volts AC sine-wave
Tones : Dial & Ringback, 400Hz
Audio Option : Socket: 3mm stereo jack (left channel)
Signal: DC blocked, via 0 or 1K ohms
Switch: On-hook, High (9v), Low (2v)

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