LanTraffic V2

IP Traffic Generation Software

IP Traffic Generation - TCP, UDP, ICMP, SCTP)


LanTraffic V2 is a software testing tool that generates UDP, TCP, ICMP and SCTP traffic over an IP network. The user may configure many different parameters to shape and control traffic and manage 32 simultaneous IP connections.

Parameters may be set individually for each connection to generate various traffic load patterns and each receiving connection can be configured to be ignored, absorbed or echoed. RTT (Round Trip time) may be recorded by connection, in order to measure IP network performance.

Statistics and throughput graphics provide a clear record of active connections, failed connections, total sent throughput and total received throughput.

New LanTraffic V2 Enhanced for Windows x64 platforms and 10Gbps Ethernet
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LanTraffic V2 is comprised of two parts, Sender & Receiver:


Generates up to 16 simultaneous IP connections (TCP, UDP, ICMP and SCTP). in 'unitary' mode where each connection is configured separately or 'automatic' mode where all connections are generated as a whole.
Unitary Mode
In the unitary testing mode, the user can select traffic generator data source, and configure packet size and inter-packet delay for each connection,
Automatic Mode
In this mode, the user selects one mathematical law for the connection generator starting time and another mathematical law for data volume to be sent.
  Receiver: The Receiver portion receives IP traffic (up to 16 simultaneous connections).
Each connection may be configured in one working mode: echoer or echoer file (received data is saved in a user defined file), absorber or absorber file, and generator.


  • Test the impact of applications & equipment on the LAN (e.g. Voice over IP, Video & fax over IP etc).
  • Generate UDP, TCP, ICMP and SCTP traffic with many different load profiles.
  • Test & measure IP equipment performance.
  • Configure IP equipment (gateways, terminals, routers etc).
  • Test applications that require guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Manage network bandwidth.
  • View traffic statistics.

Key Features

  • Test from 1PC to 1PC, 1PC to nPC or nPC to 1PC.
  • Different source IP addresses may be used to generate traffic.
  • Up to 32 simultaneous connections supported.
  • Configure many different traffic parameters.
  • Connections may be configured individually or collectively.
  • RTT measurement.
  • Received traffic may be ignored, echoed or absorbed.
  • Traffic statistics & throughput graphics.


Host Requirements

A Windows PC (2000, XP, Sever 2003 or Vista) with a LAN or WAN NIC and 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

License Information

LanTraffic V2 is licensed on a per workstation basis. You will need to purchase a separate licence for each PC you install it on. The licence may be held on an optional USB key for the convenient transfer of a licence as required.

Free Trial

To download an evaluation of LanTraffic V2, please Request a Free Trial


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