IP Traffic Test & Measure

IP Traffic Generation Software

IP Traffic Generation Software


IP Traffic Test & Measure can generate, receive, capture & replay IP traffic (TCP, UDP or ICMP), and measure end-to-end performance and Quality of Service over any fixed or mobile IP network (IPv4 & IPv6): LAN, MAN, WAN, WWAN, satellite, PLC, mobile, FTTx.... The user may set configuration parameters individually for each connection, to shape and control traffic load. 32 IP (TCP, UDP or ICMP) connections are supported (16 sending & 16 receiving).

Up to 16 simultaneous connections may be answered and the user may select the mode to accept the connection (absorb, absorb in a file, echo, echo in a file). Network traffic may be captured and replayed to replicate 'real' scenarios to aid fault diagnosis, application testing or product development applications. The Traffic Observer provides analysis of: IP throughput, inter packet delay, PER quality and packet transit delay.

The analyser allows graphical correlation of several parameters and is very useful for the precise analysis of characteristics and IP network problems.

IP Traffic Test & Measure requires at least two PC's running on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 or Vista. Various testing configurations may be implemented using more than two PC's.


  • Certification of wired, wireless, satellite, PLC or mobile IP networks.
  • Analyse Quality of Service (QOS).
  • Test IP equipment performance.
  • Load & performance testing.
  • Test applications that require guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Recreate network conditions.
  • View traffic statistics.

Key Features

  • Generate IP Traffic: 16 simultaneous connections supported.
  • Answer IP Traffic: 16 simultaneous connections with different operational modes (absorb, absorb in a file, echo, echo in a file).
  • Capture & Replay Traffic: Use the traffic sniffer to capture IP traffic and replay using the traffic generator.
  • Observe Traffic: Powerful graphic tool to display & visualize different traffic parameters on IP connections.
  • Highly accurate reference clock options including the new Z300 time device for multiple PC's running IP Traffic Test & Measure.


Reference Clock Options

Z100 & Z200 GPS: These kits provides an accuracy for IP packet time stamping of < 5 milliseconds.

Z300 GPS: This GPS kit provides an accuracy of IP packet stamping of < 1 millisecond, multiple PC's running IP Traffic may use one Z300.

ZClock: ZClock provides an accuracy for IP packet time stamping of < 1 millisecond.

Example Windows

Traffic generator parameters (PDF)
Statistics & throughput graphics (PDF)
Analysis of a captured file (PDF)

Host Requirements

Windows 2000, XP Server 2003 or Vista. Pentium processor, 30 Mb free hard disk space, 1024 x 768 display, to use the optional GPS kit: 1 serial interface. To use the optional Zclock module: 1 parallel interface (with EPP mode).

License Information

A minimum of 2 licenses are required (1 at each endpoint) in order to use all the features of this software. IP Traffic Test & Measure software is licensed on a per workstation basis, you will need to purchase a separate license for each machine that you install it on.The licence may be held on an optional USB key for the convenient transfer of a licence as required.


Software packaged on CD ROM, supplied with hard copy user guide. Download a free 15 day trial of IP Traffic Test & Measure.

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