IP Traffic Test & Measure

Timing Options


With the use of an external GPS kit it is possible to provide an accurate reference clock. This facilitates time stamping of IP packets sent or received and measurement of QOS parameters over the IP network used.

Our GPS receivers ensure measurement accuracy of < 5 ms.

Using a GPS kit and Z clock an absolute time reference can be provided, this ensures an extremely accurate measurement (precision < 1 millisecond)

For more detailed information, please download the corresponding PDF document from the table below or contact us to discuss your requirements..


GPS Timing Options for Accurate Measurement


  • Provision of an extremely accurate clock
  • Elimination of PC clock drift issues
  • May be used with both desktop and laptop PCs
  • < 5 ms or < 1ms accuracy

Compare Timing Options for IP Traffic Test & Measure

GPS time receivers available are as follows, please download the relevant datasheet from the list below for detailed information.

The Z100 (outdoor use) and Z200 (indoor/outdoor use) hardware can be used with any individual PC running "IP Traffic Test & Measure".

The Ethernet model Z300 can be used for several PC's running "IP Traffic - Test & Measure".

Clocking Option
Measurement Accuracy
Z100 - Outdoor Antenna (see note 1)
< 5 ms
Z200 - Indoor/Outdoor Antenna (see note 1)
< 5 ms
Z100 + Z Clock (see note 2)
< 1 ms
Z200 + Z Clock (see note 2)
< 1 ms
Z300 (see note 3)
< 1ms

1. Serial port connection is required for the GPS both the Z100 and Z200 models
2. Serial port connection is required to connect the GPS time receiver and a parallel port (EPP mode) for the Zclock unit.
3. An Ethernet link is required to connect the NTP time server. Accuracy is 1 ms when Z300 is connected directly to the workstation (see benchmark for more details).
4. Time servers for Mobile Applications are also available – Details on request
5. Contact us for Antenna hardware recommendations

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