LanTraffic V2 Features

Main Functions Provided by LanTraffic V2 Menus

  • Management of user contexts: 'new', 'open', 'save', and 'save as'.
  • TCP parameter configuration: 'TCP buffer size' and 'TCP Window size' for the Microsoft TCP/IP stack.
  • Statistics display and management of throughput sampling parameters.
  • File downloading between two LanTraffic V2: so one can recover the absorbed data from a remote LanTraffic V2.

Global IP Traffic Statistics

(continuously displayed for the Sender and the Receiver)

  • Number of active connections.
  • Number of failed connections.
  • Total sent throughput.
  • Total received throughput.

Main Function of the IP Traffic Generator (Sender)

The Sender generates up to 16 simultaneous IP connections (TCP, UDP, ICMP or SCTP). Connections may be generated in two different working modes:

  • Unitary testing mode: Each connection may be run independently (start/stop).
  • Automatic testing mode: The users connections are automatically run with user defined parameters.

IP Connection Parameters

  • IP address.
  • Port Number.
  • Protocol (TCP or UDP).
  • File name (optional) to save received data for the connection - for unitary testing mode:
  • Data traffic generation (3 possible choices):
      • Mathematical law: uniform, exponential or pareto,
      • Packet generator contents: fixed, random, alternate or increasing/decreasing,
      • Name of file to be sent.
    • Packet size: fixed, random, alternate or increasing/decreasing,
    • Inter-packet delay: fixed, random, alternate or increasing/decreasing,
    • RTT option (Round Trip Time).

Parameters for Automatic Test Mode

The automatic testing mode is a mode in which all enabled connections are generated together following a “Starting time connections generation” law and a “Data volume to send” law.

  • Selection of IP connections (from 1 to 16).
  • Starting time connections generation law: uniform or exponential.
  • Data volume to send law: uniform, exponential or pareto.

LanTraffic V2 allows all the RTT information to be saved in a file for all connections which have the RTT option enabled.

Traffic Statistics for IP Connections (Sender)

  • Instant throughput.
  • Data sent (UDP packets or TCP bytes).
  • Data received (UDP packets or TCP bytes).
  • Meaningful only if receiver is in echo mode.

Main Functions of the IP Receiver (up to 16 simultaneous connections)

Parameters for each IP Connection

  • IP Address.
  • Protocol (TCP or UDP).
  • Receiving Mode Selected: echoer, absorber, file absorber or disable.

Traffic Statistics for each IP Connection

  • Instant throughput.
  • Received data (UDP packets or TCP bytes).
  • Echoed data (UDP packets or TCP bytes).
  • Meaningful if in the echoer working mode.
  • Sequence numbering errors.

LanTraffic V2 manages 32 IP connections simultaneously and a global graphics display, visualizes Sender and Receiver throughputs.

System Requirements

LanTraffic V2 operates under Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003 or Vista) with 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution.

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