New Products for Network Data Visibility

Network TAP

1200 Series SINGLEstream Gb Aggregation TAP

PDS can now offer low cost, high quality Network TAP (Test Access Point) devices in six categories:

  1. Passive TAP – 10/100, Gigabit and 10Gbit in copper and fibre with single and multiport configurations. These are the low cost passive solution providing 100% visibility of all network layers.
  2. Link Aggregation TAPSINGLEstream range enables devices with one NIC to view both sides of a full-duplex conversation by combining both streams of data in to one single stream of output. Solutions from 10Mb to 10Gb with two to eight ports.
  3. Data Access SwitchVERSAstream without filtering takes inputs from external TAP and SPAN ports to share amongst multiple probes. Applications include eliminating contention for critical links or combining data from multiple Network segments in to one or more streams of data. One or two links and two or four monitor ports are available.
  4. Filtered Data Access SwitchVERSAstream with filtering allows users to reduce and customise the data flow to each connected device. Filter traffic by VLAN, IP, MAC, Ports and more. This may be used to divide traffic loads across multiple analysis tools using four to eight ports.
  5. Physical layer Switch- Inline and out of band analysis allows users to dynamically connect a network probe to one of many links. Inline matrix switches have TAP functionality built in. Out of band matrix switches take inputs from external TAP’s or SPAN ports. Matrix switches can be logically connected allowing users to switch up to 128 network links between 1 to 4 network analysis tools or probes.
  6. Bypass SwitchDURAstream range allows inline application devices like IDS or IPS appliances to remain on Network links as long as they respond to a heartbeat. If connected analysis or recording devices stop responding or slow the traffic they will be automatically bypassed protecting critical network links and you will be alerted. Available with two or four ports configurable as copper and fibre for tools.

This equipment is manufactured by the U.S. company Datacom Systems Inc which has been shipping these products since 1992 and are offered with a 2 year warranty (except filtered products which have a 1 year warranty). Datacom products are used in all major enterprises including Finance, Telecoms, Retail and Government. Please call us today to discuss your application or request information using the link below:

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Datacom Systems Inc. are one of the largest manufacturers of Network Data Visibility products and have written some white papers to explain the use of their products for VoIP analysis, improved security and optimization of Web applications. These white papers make for interesting reading and can be downloaded from the following links:

  Datacom Systems Inc.