Reasons to Buy - Argus 3U Plus

Testing Basic Rate ISDN & Analog is Simple with the Argus 3U Plus
Argus automatically detects the line type, in addition to ISDN line configuration, protocol, point to point/point to multipoint, ISDN services available, and any active call diversions.

Low Cost but Feature Rich
A low cost, well engineered tester with all the features you would expect and many more.

Supports Voice & BERT Calls
G.821 bit error rate tests may be run during a call with adjustable good/bad threshold and injection of errors if required.

Test Analog Services
Supports CLIP and DTMF display, POTS voltage measurement, high Z monitor with non-intrusive listen-to on POTS.

Powerful Protocol Decode Software Available as an Option
WinAnalyse PC software provides comprehensive ISDN D channel protocol analysis including any ASN1 content. The Windows user interface aids identification of hidden protocol errors making it a useful tool when installing or servicing an ISDN access.

Free Updates
Software updates are available free of charge from the Argus website.

Flexible Power Options
The Argus 3U Plus may be powered by the BRI access, battery, accumulator or power supply.

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