Reasons to Buy - IP Traffic Test & Measure

Versatile Traffic Generation & Measurement Tool
IP Traffic Test & Measure may be used to generate, receive, capture and replay IP traffic. Up to 16 simultaneous connections are supported.

Certification of Wired & Wireless IP Networks
Measure performance and Quality of Service over any IP network (IPv4 & IPv6).

Create Realistic Traffic Scenarios
Capture and replay real traffic (web session, FTP, videoconferencing,..).

Timing Options
Optional hardware timing products are available from PDS for applications where highly accurate measurements are critical.

Powerful Analysis of Many QOS Parameters
On-line or off-line analysis of many QoS parameters (send & receive): Throughputs, Inter Packet Delay, Packet Erasure Rate, Packet Transit Delay.

Useful Statistics
Display statistics for each connection and export into a file for use with an external tool, such as Excel.

Try Before you Buy
Request a 15 day trial.

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