Reasons to Buy - Zumara

Transforms your PC into a Powerful Protocol Analyzer and Simulator
Uses your PC host NIC or LAN adapter to simulate up to seven SIP or H.323 endpoints.

Compatible with USB controlled Clarinet Hardware
It's easy to add Clarinet E1/T1 and S/T-U interface pods at any time for WAN test applications. Up to seven interfaces of any type (LAN 10/100/Gigabit, E1/T1, S/T-U) may be controlled simultaneously by Zumara.

Power & Versatility
Zumara software offers unrivalled versatility, essential when simulating problems back at the lab. It's easy to create a library of test profiles with different call flows/types.

Numerous Protocols are Supported as Standard
Both legacy and VoIP protocols supported including SIP, H.323, ISDN, Q-SIG, SS#7 and V5.

Convenient Format
Test profiles can be emailed to colleagues working remotely and to PDS for support.

Verify Speech Quality
With our optional PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) Key.

Test Compliance
Wide range of optional conformance test packages available for VoIP, ISDN, Q-SIG and SS#7.

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