Run-Time Software

Protocol Analysis, Simulation & Conformance Test Software

For those customers focused on E1/T1 or S/T-U applications, who do not require Ethernet connectivity now or in the future, our Run-Time Software is the ideal choice.

Those customers working on VoIP should choose Zumara software which supports the use of a PC NIC or LAN adapter(s) for VoIP protocol analysis and simulation.

Run-Time software users covered by maintenance are eligible to upgrade to Zumara at a preferential rate. Please see our 'Reasons to Upgrade' PDF for further details.

System Format:

Clarinet Hardware

Clarinet interface pods connect to any suitable PC host, via USB and up to seven pods may be connected and controlled simultaneously by Run-Time software.

Click here to view protocols supported by Run-Time & Zumara software as standard.

Test Profiles "Ready to Run" Pre-written profiles are supplied, tested and operational for a wide range of protocols including: SS7, ISDN, Q-SIG, V5.1, V5.2 , GSM, TCP/IP, X25 and Frame Relay. Any user may simply edit a profile to generate the type of call or calls required, the content, duration and number of times that the call is repeated.

Run-Time Software

Product features...

  • Extremely versatile software, ideal for development & field testing.
  • E1/T1 and S/T-U Clarinet Interface Pods 'hot Connect' to any suitable PC host via USB.
  • Manual or automatic simulation of multiple calls with independent message & field content.
  • Real-time full decode of numerous protocols.
  • Intuitive Windows GUI.
  • Test protocol compliance and interoperability using optional conformance test software.

Conformance Test Suites

To test protocol compliance, 'ready to run' conformance test software is available. Please download our Clarinet brochure for a comprehensive list of conformance test suites covering SIP, H.225, SS7, Q-SIG, V5.1, V5.2 and ISDN.

Monitoring Features

  • Real-time full decode of numerous protocols.
  • Event time stamping to within 1mS.
  • Filtering of each layer with selectable detail and display colours.
  • Full ASN1 decode
  • Automatic recording of all or selected events.
  • Analyse unusual protocol combinations.
  • User selectable statistics filters and displays.

Simulation Features

  • Manual or automatic simulation of multiple calls with independent message & field content.
  • Simulation of multiple protocols in parallel.
  • ASN.1 and text message editors are provided for VoIP applications.
  • LAN endpoints each have their own unique MAC and IP address with the ability to call 50 different IP addresses.
  • Calls generated may be repeated up to 1 million times with user programmable start delay, duration and inter-call delay.
  • PESQ quality measurement with PESQ score and MOS score is available as an option.

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