Simline DA

ISDN S0 to V.11 Digital Adapter

Product overview

Demand for the Simline DA grew from a requirement to carry out video conferencing sessions over a secure ISDN basic rate network connection. A Brent secure telephone scrambles data sent over the ISDN network and provides the user with two X.21 ports for the connection of data terminals. Our Simline DA also has two X.21 data ports which connect to the Brent, and one ISDN basic rate network port for connection to the video terminal.

When the Simline DA detects a lead change on the X.21 ports it automatically generates call/s from it's ISDN network port which are then answered by the video terminal to complete the connection. Status LED's are provided to indicate activity at all protocol layers as well as the bearer (B) channel/s being used. Once the video conferencing terminal is set in auto-answer mode, the operation at each end becomes fully automatic without the need for any control software or user configuration. Shielded X.21 leads are available from PDS as an option to enable secure connection between the Simline DA and the Brent.

With many units in constant service you can be sure that the Simline DA offers a reliable and cost effective solution for secure ISDN video conferencing.

ISDN to X21 Converter

Product features...

  • Converts two X.21 data ports to one ISDN basic rate network port.
  • Designed to enable secure ISDN video conferencing.
  • Connects between the ISDN video terminal and a BRENT secure telephone.
  • Fully automatic operation with no user configuration required.
  • Clear 64Kb/second channel path for each bearer channel ensures maximum performance.
  • Can be used with any 128K ISDN video conferencing terminal that has an auto-answer mode.

Features and Specifications

Interfaces Euro ISDN compatible I.420 NT connection via RJ45 socket 2 x DB15 male (X.21 DTE) V.11 ports
Power 9v D.C at 500mA via universal power adapter
Size 190mm x 140mm x 47mm
Weight 525g
Warranty One year

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