Simline 2 & 6 Support

Please note that the following support information does not apply to the original Simline supplied in a cream coloured plastic case prior to October 2000. If you have any questions relating to these earlier units, please email us and we will be pleased to help.

Simline Software & Firmware

IMPORTANT NOTES: This software should not be used for Simline units supplied in a cream case prior to October 2000. To request software for these units please email our support team.

The menus within the Simline software are only accessible when a Simline in physically connected to your PC host.

The current software versions available for download are:

Simline2 Simline6

Firmware is embedded within this software and should be used to upgrade your Simline unit. For instructions on how to upgrade your firmware please refer to the Simline User Guide

Simline Configuration Problems or Suspected Faults
The protocol trace facility included within the Simline configuration software enables us to support customers more effectively. If you experience a problem, please carry out the following simple procedure:-

  • Install the B-Link configuration software on a suitable PC host.
  • Connect your B-Link to the PC host via the serial port.
  • Turn on the Trace feature.
  • Capture and save a file.
  • E-mail the file to us at with a description of the problem and your application.

We will reply as quickly as possible with comments and suggestions. Please refer to your Simline user guide for an explanation of how to use the Trace feature.

Some documents will require Acrobat Reader, click here for the free download! (opens in a new window)