Protocol Analyzer, Simulator and Conformance Test Software

Product overview

Our Zumara software can simulate multiple SIP or H.323 endpoints via the PC host NIC or a combination of NIC and LAN adapters. This transforms a standard PC host into a powerful VoIP simulation, analysis, traffic generation and quality measurement tool.

For interoperability testing, Zumara supports our popular Clarinet hardware interface pods for E1/T1 and S/T-U. These pod(s) connect seamlessly to your PC host via USB and synchronise with LAN interfaces. Any combination of up to seven LAN, E1/T1 & S/T-U interfaces may be connected and controlled simultaneously.

Specific Protocol Test Applications:-

VoIP (H.323 & SIP)
V5.1 & V5.2

Zumara offers unrivalled versatility. For example, make calls using SIP and answer using ISDN or make calls using H.323 and answer using Q-SIG.

Upgrade to Zumara

Run-Time software users covered by maintenance are eligible to upgrade to Zumara at a preferential rate. Please see our 'Reasons to Upgrade' PDF for further info.

Protocol trace

Product features...

  • Powerful Protocol Analyser, Simulator and Conformance Test System.
  • Use PC host NIC or LAN adapters to simulate up to seven endpoints.
  • 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet supported.
  • Test E1/T1 and S/T-U with optional Clarinet hardware interface pods.
  • PESQ score and MOS score option.
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
  • NEW SCTP - will be released in Q2 2008 for new and evolving VoIP applications. Find out more

Key Features

  • Zumara software allows the PC host to provide LAN interfaces for VoIP protocol analysis and simulation of H.323 and SIP.
  • Compact, convenient test system format where proprietary LAN hardware is no longer required.
  • One or more PC NIC cards or external LAN adapters may be used to support multiple endpoints, monitor multiple links and to support OEM software such as H.323 gatekeeper or SIP proxy.
  • Zumara software supports the majority of features supported by the original Clarinet LAN hardware, but offers superior performance and new capabilities.
  • WAV files may be played as RTP and received RTP may be recorded or played through the host sound card.
  • Optional perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ) measurements including PESQ score and MOS score may be made using the PC NIC or network adapters.
  • Zumara software is fully compatible with Clarinet SCSI and USB hardware interface pods.
  • A combination of Zumara controlled LAN interfaces plus USB or SCSI controlled Clarinet hardware interfaces may be used simultaneously with synchronisation maintained for accurate inter-node testing.
  • Interface types (LAN, E1/T1 and S-T/U) may be easily selected via the new initialisation program. A new software loader provides confirmation of interface type and a self test capability.

System Requirements

Operating System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista* or Windows 7* (users must have administrator rights and no User Account Control).
Minimum Memory: 512MB*
Minimum Processor: 2.0 GHz

*The memory required increases with the number of LAN interfaces the user wishes to simulate (up to seven) . Each Zumara process requires about 32MB.


If you working with LAN applications, Zumara software provides an unrivalled level of power and versatility with the facility to add other hardware interface types such as E1/T1 or S-T/U as testing requirements evolve, or for interoperability testing between LAN and WAN protocols.

Ordering Information

Product Number Product Description
9001 Zumara Protocol Analyzer/Simulator

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