Zumara Development Application Notes

Zumara FAQ
These FAQ'S are intended to assist customers evaluating Zumara software and those who have recently taken delivery of a system. Please contact us with any other questions.

Problem Workarounds
System Hardware
Notes for SIP Users
Note for H.323 Users
ETS Tutorial

Problem Workaround - XP/Vista

Manager Dialog Disappear
This document shows a workaround to a problem experienced with some versions of Windows XP where the Clarinet/Zumara panel does not open correctly but appears on the taskbar.
Disable_Vista UAC
User Account Control used in Windows Vista can cause problems when running the Zumara software so this document shows users how to disable it.
Protocol Filter Exec_Event file erasure
This document shows a workaround for customers who accidentally erase their protocol event file by attempting to copy it by mistake in to a file of the same name.


Automate Zumara with Macro Express
This document describes how to use Macro Express to automate Zumara. It allows a profile to be launched, run a profile, execute manual calls, record an event trace in text format and more.
Automate Zumara
Auto-Record trace in text format
This document tells the user how to convert the proprietary binary Clarinet/Zumara protocol analysis file in to a text format for printing. It also shows how a User Program may be used to automate the process and this program may be provided by PDS upon request.
Automatic Launch of a Zumara profile
This provides a useful example and explains the content of a batch file which may be created to automatically launch simulation, analysis or conformance test profiles with or without using the loader to find interfaces prior to running the test.

System Hardware

This document is intended to support Zumara customers who wish to install a fast Ethernet Adapter via USB. The example used is the D-LINK Fast Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0.
Clarinet USB_time-stamp synchronisation_I1
When using the Clarinet or Zumara software to control several Clarinet interfaces via USB it is important to check that they are connected to the same USB Root Hub. This document shows a tool which may be used to check and the effects on synchronisation and time stamp accuracy.
Identification versions event editor
This is a support document showing users how to identify the year, version number and build of their Clarinet hardware.

Notes for SIP Users

Send an INVITE without parsing message
This document is helpful to users of our Zumara software who wish to reproduce some problems experienced with SIP in the field. It provides useful copy/paste content information as well as guidelines for the use of auto-update and parse features. 
TTCN_SIPT_Executable Test Suite
This document provides an example of how it may be possible to create a conformance test suite for SIP-T and some of the considerations.
Supported media_SDP content
This document is intended for Zumara users working with SIP who wish to test a devices response to a specific SDP which may not be supported in the Zumara software. It explains how to remove SDP content checking and points to consider.

Notes for H.323 Users

This document is intended for users of the Zumara software for H.323 and explains how to edit the ASN.1 content found in various messages with useful examples.

ETS Tutorial

ETSI-ETS 300 402-7
This document is a tutorial for customers who are using our conformance test software. It shows typical questions from customers and answer to those questions in order to explain the function of the tester and its effect on test case test verdict. The test suite example is for ISDN L2.