Useful Profiles

Test Profiles for our Zumara protocol test and development system

In the table below you will find test profiles to download for different protocol applications. Please also download ‘Zumara_profile_introduction' which provides more information.

Protocol Profiles Description of Profiles Clarinet Interfaces Required
SIP SIP Profiles (ZIP) Simple back-to-back profiles which will work on any LAN, Softswitch or HUB allowing calls to be made between two Zumara LAN endpoints. WAV files sent as RTP will be played through the host soundcard by the recieving Zumara. This should provide a useful example of configuration and capabilities. PC NIC or LAN Adapter
(requires Zumara software)
SIP-i SIP-i Profiles (ZIP) Back-to-back profiles including ISUP content in the INVITE and associated messages. PC NIC or LAN adapter (requires Zumara software)
SCTP SCTP Profiles (ZIP) Back-to-back SIP profiles inclusing stream control transmission protocol (SCTP) as an alternative to TCP/UDP for LAN transport. PC NIC or LAN adapter (requires Zumara software)
H.323 H.323 Profiles (ZIP) The H.323 profiles perform the same function as the SIP profiles described above and it is easy to open the IP profiles (.aip) to see the configuration for each endpoint. PC NIC or LAN Adapter (requires Zumara software)
Q-SIG Q-SIG Profiles (ZIP) Profile to simulate 2 PBX's connected together. A PESQ measurement will be made between the 2 PBX's.
2 x Clarinet E1/T1 Pod
ISDN PRI ISDN PRI Profiles (ZIP) Profile to make PESQ measurements between 2 Clarinets, with 1 Clarinet acting as an NT (network) and the other Clarinet acting as a TE (terminal). 2 x Clarinet E1/T1 Pod
SS7 SS7 Profiles (ZIP) Profile to generate a call from 1 Clarinet acting as a signalling point to another Clarinet acting as another signalling point. A PESQ measurement will be made between the two signalling points.
2 x Clarinet E1/T1 Pod

Profile and Operation Support

Profiles control all of the functions performed by Zumara software application. If you experience a problem, please e-mail your profile and event file (.acp and .ace files which can be found in the My Documents, Zumara folder) to This will allow us to identify any errors and to modify or replace the profile for your convenience.

Clarinet Help on the PDS website.

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